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We LOVE creating media that makes you say WOW!

Creating your story one frame at a time. Acentric Video is your perfect team. We start with professional videographers and photographers with creative eyes to capture the moment. Next we hand it to our editing team who create the amazing final product to deliver to the clients. 


 We capture unforgettable memories that you will treasure for a lifetime.

We can even do your Weddings!

Video References


We have a fully equipped, professional studio for all your photo and video needs.  Take your brand or company to the next level and book a studio shoot today!



Our trained photographers catch those split-second "WOW" moments. Photography is our passion and whether it's capturing award winning performances or a simple head shot for your professional profile, we will deliver the high quality, professional photos you're looking for.



We focus on every detail of your project whether it be:

  • Creating marketing content for your business.

  • Producing a music video.

  • Shooting your corporate events.

  • Capturing your bull rider during their 8 second ride. 

  • Following your dancer as they spin across the stage.

Our professional videographers focus on ever detail


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